Thursday, July 7

Dragon Ball FighterZ will have a new Android 21 with a lab coat

Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to add wrestlers to its cast of available characters. The fighting video game of Arc System Works Y Bandai Namco It is probably having a much longer life than many would have imagined, and it is that a work of Dragon Ball has never been so successful in terms of selected graphic style and type of combat (in fact, there could even be served as a reference to shape Project L, the new fighting title from Riot Games).

“If you get in my way, I will make you suffer! Witness the results of my investigation!”

Ms Androide 21!

In any case, it has been confirmed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will have a new fighter among their ranks. Or rather fighter, in this case. Although in the past we can already play with Majin Androide 21, which was unlocked somewhat secretly and We tell you right here, now we can beat up our enemies with Android 21 “lab coat” (Lab Coat, as officially announced).

We do not know exactly what news to bring in terms of combos, attacks or own animations and it has not been made clear whether it will be a character that will have to go through the box or if it can be achieved in some other way (although it looks more the first, as always). At the moment we have evidence that this character will arrive soon (no exact date determined) and that it works as an alternative aspect for Majin Android 21. It was to be expected that sooner or later Android 21 would be added (without further ado) because it is the main villain of the video game and a creation of its own due to Android 16. Well, and from other villains like Buu.

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