Saturday, June 25

Bandai Namco rings Klonoa bells again with UK trademark registration

Klonoa’s return runs its course. After Bandai Namco made another record, pointing to an imminent return of the remastered Klonoa, now that record play is repeated, but this time, in the United Kingdom. In an era where remakes, reboots and sequels reign in all kinds of audiovisual products We are not at all surprised that Bandai has joined in as well. to bring back one of its most iconic platforms.

It is true that, roughly speaking, Klonoa is right now a most forgotten video game, and it is that it made its debut on the first PlayStation and had a sequel for PS2. After that, various spin-offs emerged for other platforms such as Game Boy Advance. As we said, now in the United Kingdom the records of ‘Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series’, which implies that there is more than one game involved considering the name Bandai has now saved as both.

Will we finally have Klonoa back?

Klonoa, for those who do not know it, is a platform adventure with a kind of cat as the protagonist (it is defined as an anthropomorphic creature) that travels through dreams. A dream traveler that he could have a good place now among so much adventure video game, even more so in a moment where Sonic is having so much pull.

In any case, everything seems to indicate that sooner or later we will have new titles of Klonoa present, but we don’t know how it will do it or what platforms it will land on. At the moment everything is in the air but it is clear that Bandai Namco is advancing on the left and with the sixth setting to resurrect that character. There is no better time to do it, to tell the truth.

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