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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will never let their children see True Blood

True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will not allow their two children to watch the acclaimed series and say they never will.

True Blood Stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have said that they will never let their children watch the beloved series as long as they have something to say. Created by acclaimed writer Alan Ball, True Blood it ran for 7 seasons on HBO and produced 80 episodes, attracting a large fan base. Other members of the ensemble include Sam Trammell, Chris Bauer, Adina Porter, and Alexander Skarsgård.

True Blood follows the stories of Paquin’s Sookie, a telepathic human-fairy hybrid known as a halfling, and Moyer’s Bill, his love interest and a 174-year-old vampire, as they battle with the invention of a synthetic blood substitute that allows vampires to coffin”. The series is based on The mysteries of the southern vampires Charlaine Harris book series. The series is known for its satire and exploration of real-life issues such as discrimination, violence against minorities, drug addiction, identity, and family.

In an interview with Entertainment tonight, Paquin and Moyer argue that they don’t want their children to watch the show, even though their twins are currently only 9 years old. They made the decision based on not wanting their children to see them as actors, and would rather see them simply as parents, with True BloodGraphic content is surely also a contributing factor. Paquin, however, allowed his children to see his latest film, American destitute, on the rise to success of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. Read the full Paquin quote below:

We have not very intentionally brought them into this aspect of our lives, because frankly, they are minors and I don’t feel comfortable making that decision for them, because it is permanent. […] I would like them to become children. I think I’m talking about, not just myself, the last 18 months, I think kids just doing normal kid things is a pretty big priority, you know?

After the announcement in December 2020 that True Blood will receive a reboot, it was confirmed that none of the original cast is set to star. Despite this, Ball will return as an executive producer, which is good news considering his departure as showrunner after True Blood Season 5 contributed to the last two highly criticized seasons. The other series from Ball, Six feet under, is also in development to be rebooted.

Actors are in a unique position as parents, where their work can have a much stronger influence on their children than most professions. Paquin and Moyer’s decision to let their children be boys could also stem from Paquin’s own past as a child actress, winning an Academy Award at age 11 for her role in Jane Campion. The piano, whose last movie, The power of the dog, is a current Oscar contender. With the restart on the way, True Blood is sure to bring its twisted satirical edge to a modern audience.

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