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22 games of 2022 – Elden Ring

We start our special 22 games of 2022, a series of daily articles in which we are going to review some of the most anticipated and important titles that we will enjoy next year, which promises to be an exceptional year in the world of video games.

It has been made to beg more than we would have liked, but 2022 will finally be the year in which we can get our hands on the final version of Elden Ring and enjoy the new role-playing adventure from FromSoftware, a project that is once again led by the legendary Hidetaka Miyazaki, the father of masterpieces like Dark Souls, Bloodborne The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Fight for the Elden Circle

  • Study: FromSoftware
  • Publishing company: Bandai Namco
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
  • Release date: February 25, 2022

The first thing we must make clear is that the story of this new game is completely original and it does not have any kind of relationship with what was seen in the previous works of the study. In fact, the own George R.R. Martin, author of A song of ice and fire, has participated in the creation of this magical universe of dark fantasy.

As pues, We will play a Sinluz who undertakes a great journey through the Midlands to recover the fragments of the Elden Circle, a mysterious artifact that we hardly know anything about, only that it allows its owner to become the lord of this world. However, this will not be easy, since each of its pieces, known as the Great Runes, are in the possession of powerful and maddened demigods who jealously guard them. As you can guess, the adventure will lead us to explore to find these powerful lords and destroy them, a mission that will not be easy and in which innumerable dangers await us.

A familiar gameplay in an open world environment

In the purely playable, what we have is the mixture of role, action and exploration so common in FromSoftware games. Not in vain, The combat system uses a very similar control scheme and many of the identity marks that popularized the triloga remain. Dark Souls, such as the use of bonfires as control points (here they have another name and form, but for practical purposes they fulfill the same function) where to rest, recharge potions and use the runes (the equivalent of souls) that we have accumulated to climb level and strengthen ourselves.

Elden Ring official gameplay screenshot

However, there is a difference that is key to understanding Elden Ring and that gives it its own personality: the Midlands map is an open world, which would come to be the natural evolution of the intricate interconnected levels of the soulslike. Thanks to this, exploration has gained in importance and scale and interesting new features have been introduced, such as the possibility of summoning a mount on which we can fight, a button dedicated to jumping action that favors a more vertical design of scenarios, the introduction of stealth as one more option when facing enemy encounters, an artisan system with which to make objects using the materials we find, etc.

Of course, the world is full of secrets of all kinds ranging from optional little dungeons to hidden treasures, gigantic bosses, intriguing characters with their own story arcs, and even the odd puzzle. Of course, do not think that this turn towards open world games means the elimination of those works, very labyrinths full of shortcuts and areas connected to each other, since the lairs of the demigods that we will have to kill are designed that way, offering us in them the purest experience one could expect from a soulslike, which also includes intense and challenging boss battles that will force us to give everything to survive.

Fortunately, this time we will have new tricks that will increase our chances of reaching the end alive, as a renewed system of weapon skills that allow us to unleash devastating special techniques or the possibility of summoning allied spirits to fight by our side. And if all else fails, we will always have the option of resorting to multiplayer to request the help of other players. However, keep in mind that this also equates to the return of competitive multiplayer and that it is possible that another Sinluz will invade you to finish you off.

To top it off the title promises to delight us with an artistic section of authentic luxury, which translates into beautiful and very evocative settings and a spectacular design of enemies and bosses, not to mention the pieces of equipment that we can wear. And all this accompanied by a pica soundtrack.

Promotional image of Elden Ring

FromSoftware is a study that has made history in the video game industry and with Elden Ring it is clear that his ambition has no limits. Will it become a new benchmark like your previous works? Very soon, in just a couple of months, we will find out.

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