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World’s First Samsung Galaxy S22 Video Shows All Three Models From Every Angle

We’ve seen a lot of photos and renders of the Samsung Galaxy S22, but this is the first time we’ve seen a video of Samsung’s flagship. And this time it is for all three models, as Samsung prepares its iPhone 13 competitors for the title of best phone.

OnLeaksNot to be left behind by the recent still image leaks of the S22, he has now released a video showing someone having a little hands-on session with the three rumored S22 models.

The designs in the video match the photos, reinforcing the claims of both leaks, but with the screens off, we can’t say for sure whether these are genuine Samsung-made units or are well-made. ups based on currently available rumors.

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The backs of all three phones are the same as we’ve seen before. Both the basic Galaxy S22 (right) and Galaxy S22 Plus (center) use a “contour cut” camera bump design similar to the Galaxy S21, except it looks flatter and the bump on the S22 appears to be finished. glossy instead of matte. in S21.

(Image credit: OnLeaks)

As for what the Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S22 Note (left) is believed to be, it uses a completely different design, where the camera lenses individually protrude from the back of the phone.

As it is a video, the recorder of this leak is able to show us more details on these devices. If we stick with the Galaxy S22 Ultra / Note, we see that it has left / right curved screen edges and a center punch-hole selfie camera like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

(Image credit: OnLeaks)

However, the bottom edge reveals the tip of the S Pen stylus that is rumored to be included with the phone. The S21 Ultra was able to use a separate S Pen for handwriting and other functions, but like the defunct Galaxy Note series, there is supposedly room for a built-in stylus in the S22 Ultra. You can also see the generally squarer corners of the phone when it’s flat on the table, another design element that was borrowed from the Galaxy Note.

(Image credit: OnLeaks)

Moving on to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, we see that these also resemble their Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus counterparts. Specifically, they have flat screens, rounded corners, perforated center cameras, and there is no sign of an S Pen. They appear to have flatter (but still curved) sides, which can affect the ergonomics of the phone.

(Image credit: OnLeaks)

However, these static units / dummies can only show us a part of what is rumored about the S22 series. Previous leaks have told us that the phone will use Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 processors depending on where you buy it; that the S22 and S22 Plus cameras will receive a major new 50MP camera, while the S22 Ultra will have improved camera sensors; and that the S22 and S22 Plus will have smaller and slimmer designs than their predecessors.

(Image credit: OnLeaks)

With such extensive leaks, all that’s really left is for Samsung to confirm or deny our expectations at the launch event. This is very likely to happen early next year, with the more specific rumor claiming that February 8 will be the reveal date. If that’s too long to wait, we should have the Galaxy S21 FE to review before then in January, according to other rumors.


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