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What time does it start and how to download the DNF Duel Beta | Levelup

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After spending many months under the radar, in recent weeks Arc System Works has been sharing more information about Dungeon Fighter Duel. Now your new fighting game is ready for its first testing phase.

Players will be able to download the Open Beta starting today at 20:00 MX, and they will have until 6:00 MX on December 20 to enjoy the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. ArcSys did not reveal if it will be necessary to be subscribed to PS Plus to play, but luckily the service will be free this weekend.

DNF Duel it was revealed for the first time last December. Since then, we have met several of its characters and seen some segments of the gameplay, but this is the first time that the public will have the game in their hands.

This title is based on the popular arcade Dungeon Fighter, which has also had anime and manga adaptations. After receiving a PC port called Dungeon Fighter Online, the game has registered 700 million players worldwide and raised more than $ 15 MMDD in revenue as of May 2020.

Nobody knows if DNF Duel It will be just as successful, but one detail that could boost its success is that it will feature rollback netcode, a feature that has recently become indispensable in ArcSys games.

The study implemented rollback netcode in Guilty Gear Strive when it launched in June and has even come back to update older titles, reinvigorating the player base for games like BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Hopefully, we can hope that the netcode of DNF Duel be as good as that of GGST, which thanks to that he had one of the best throws in the history of fighting games.

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