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Video Game and Anime Tweets Considered High Risk by US Police | Levelup

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No, it is not about social problems, it is not about the inequality generated by economic systems, nor about the legal sale and illegal arms trafficking, the problem is video games and anime, along with other entertainment products . The foregoing could summarize the idea that shapes a new investigation strategy by the Los Angeles, California police, which has been given the task of classifying tweets within various categories.

US police monitor anime and video game tweets as dangerous

According to information from Anime News Network, the Brennan Center for Justice, located at the New York University School of Law, shared information about a monitoring process carried out by the Los Angeles, California police, which collected more than 70,000 tweets that it considered offensive, violent or dangerous in any way. In this regard, there are Twitter user posts on political, economic and trending topics, but what is surprising is that there are anime and video game tweets cataloged within those conditions.

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In that sense, the information indicates that within the tweets considered “dangerous” by the Los Angeles police are some that take phrases or images from anime, such as Naruto, along with others that were considered in the same way but that in those cases have phrases or images from video games, one of them referring to Goro Akechi from Person 5.

According to the classification of these tweets, they are on a kind of black list under categories such as: “domestic extremism and white nationalism”, “potential danger”, “civil unrest”, “electoral security”, “the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan” and “American police”.

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Unfortunately, it seems that the US authorities insist on looking everywhere but at the root and real causes of the problems, an omission that has been found for decades in which culprits such as hippie music, 70s rock, heavy metal have been sought. In the eighties, hip-hop and rock in the 90s and now it’s video games.

In the case of Mexico, things are not different because the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, insists on pointing out an alleged relationship between the use of video games and violence among children and young people, trying to explain a problem that involves issues such as socioeconomic crisis that affect society, families and individuals, corruption, impunity, crime rates and organized crime activities.

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