Wednesday, June 29

Valve reduces the size of SteamOS in Steam Deck and the laptop takes air

Steam Deck was one of the most shocking recent news, because it wanted to say that Valve was joining the laptop market so that its players can enjoy their titles anywhere, without the need to be linked to a script. However, one of the concerns that arose among users, right off the bat, was the problem of the space offered by the machine. Now, Valve has taken action on the matter and has reduced the size of SteamOS to less than half.

Valve is polishing your laptop more

A news that especially those who buy the base model of 64 GB like, since there was not too much space for too many things because of that already mentioned SteamOS. Luckily, and as we said, Valve has fixed that by cutting the 37.5% of storage it occupied, now going to be 15%. Quite impressive to tell the truth, because if we take the Nintendo Switch as an example of comparison, the hybrid requires 4 GB for its operating system, that is, 12.5% ​​of its base space.

The information has come from PCGamesN (we go TechSpot), where it has been confirmed that the space release has been posted in the notes of version 20211120.2 for SteamOS. So there is nothing to worry about.

Obviously, that still does not remove that we need pull the mythical SD cards to expand the memory of our devices, because at the end of the day we must bear in mind that to play certain titles we will need a little space. Well, that is if we want to have more than one game installed of course. In any case, this is good news for the Steam Deck, especially after the delay in its launch, so in a way the machine has now taken a little more air in the face of the public.

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