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Ubisoft boss suggests that NFTs will be accepted as DLC and micropayments | Levelup

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It is clear that Ubisoft has a great interest in NFTs; however, the reality is that not everyone is happy with this decision. The company recently revealed its Ubisoft Quartz proposal, which will bring non-fungible tokens to its most popular franchises, starting with Ghost Recon.

The announcement was very badly received by the community and its developers raised their voice against the initiative. Even a French union lashed out at the company for its NFTs system, which has generated quite a bit of controversy among players.

For this reason, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, spoke on the subject in order to clarify his strategy. There is bad news for the developers of the study, as the manager stated that the NFTs for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint they are just the beginning. On the other hand, he believes that players will accept them sooner or later.

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Yves Guillemot believes in NFTs and suggests players will accept them

Many studio employees doubt the Ubisoft Quartz proposal and its true contribution to gamers and gaming in general. So Yves Guillemot tried to sell them on the idea during a recent question and answer session.

Thanks to a report from KotakuWe know that the manager already expected a negative reaction to the disclosure of the project with NFTs. At the meeting, he compared it to the initial poor reception that elements such as DLCs, microtransactions and loot boxes had, implying that at some point players will accept NFTs.

Guillemot has a goal to continue with the Ubisoft Quartz project and non-fungible tokens. In fact, the manager stated that they are just starting with this new business, so players should expect more news about it in the future.

Guillemot is said to have mentioned concepts like “web 3.0” and “metaverse” during the meeting. From their perspective, these developments will allow players to even build and sell virtual houses, as well as have a more active participation in the development of the game.

Despite this, everything indicates that the majority of workers do not agree with the non-fungible tokens, so the future of Ubisoft Quartz is uncertain for now.

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