Sunday, June 26

Tiger Woods feels like a golfer again with his son Charlie




Si in 2020 the PNC Championship registered large audiences to see Charlie, the son of Tiger Woods who is 12 years old today, this year the presence of Tigre himself in the tournament has attracted even more spectators and the media. The 15 major winner has played the first 18 holes with his son in this unofficial tournament, which is already great news after his serious accident ten months ago. Those sometimes it was appreciated that the once number one in the world suffered.

The Californian grimaced in pain with the driver in his hand on the 16th hole. The truth is that by now he was already feeling exhausted. We had previously attended the his son’s spectacular putt at 15 to achieve the birdie and elicit smiles and congratulations from her father and the Thomases, her fellow party members. In spite of everything, the Tiger, who he moves in a buggy these days, made it clear that he has not come on vacation either, and that is is testing a new driver and ball. Another good news is that Woods is managing to do much more distance than he has been advertising, which suggests that he is making progress in his recovery.

In any case, the Tiger, which is fifth with his little one after doing 62 strokes (leads Team Cink, with 59), you don’t want to create false expectations, as you made clear the day before: “I am far from the level that a PGA Tour tournament requires. I have no stamina. I can’t even walk a field as flat as this. I have enough to be able to say that my leg is glued to me. I have no free days or goals. “After his first 18 competitive holes, I reiterated this.

Mencin aparte merece Charlie Woods, a boy whose swing is technically perfect and attracts much of the spotlight thanks to his self-confidence and great game. It is a delight to see the tiger cub. “I have a partner who hits very well with the drive and who makes a lot of putts; I can’t ask for a better one”, the father commented proudly after the opening day. Tiger added when asked if he could draw any parallels with himself: “He loves competition, he’s comfortable like I was”. Charlie went to the practice field right after he finished.

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