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The return of Gex? New track rekindles fans’ hope | Levelup

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The video game industry already has several decades of history. One of the longest-running companies in this industry is Square Enix, which is home to very important franchises, such as Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Y Kingdom Hearts. Well, the company was also in charge of creating Gex And a new lead indicates that the company hasn’t forgotten about the franchise and that it could come back.

Many players who grew up in the 1990s probably remember playing Gex, a game of the multiplatform 3D genre that was released in 1995 and marked the debut of the eponymous character, Gex, a lizard that became the mascot of Crystal Dynamics, its developer.

The title was successful, because in the margin of 4 years they managed to launch 3 deliveries. Although together the series sold more than 15 million units, unfortunately Crystal Dynamics decided to give the franchise a break that has lasted until today.

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Gex could return

If you are a fan of this series, hopeful information has just come out, well, as reported Gematsu, a record of Gex at the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union on December 15.

The registry does not offer many details, but it is clear that it is about the video game franchise, since the description reads that the registry falls into the area of ​​computer software and entertainment services.

Another revealing detail is that it was on behalf of Square Enix Limited, a European subsidiary of Square Enix, which owns several Crystal Dynamics properties after the purchase of Eidos Interactive (its owner company) in 2009.

We remind you that a record emerged recently that suggested that the return of Chocobo Racing, something that was confirmed months later. That said, the same may be true for Gex, which was going to have a fourth game, but it was canceled.

Also, you should know that in 2015 the Japanese company revealed the creation of Square Enix Collective, an initiative that would make old Eidos IPs available to studios to work on and launch titles in collaboration with Square Enix.

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Would you like to see the return of Gex? Tell us in the comments.

You can find more news related to Gex if you visit this page.

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