Wednesday, June 29

TCG Factory presents ¡Peca tú! • Console and Dashboard

During the first quarter of 2022, TCG Factory will add to its catalog You sin! The publisher specifies the details of this title, which it defines as “a sophisticated and solid evolution of the ONE«.


You sin! It is a board game of 3 to 5 participants, with challenges lasting 30 minutes. Indicated from the age of 8, it bears the signature of Paul Saxberg. Illustrations are by Leah Fuhrman.

It will be during the first quarter of 2022 when it hits stores, at a price of 15 euros. It will be part of the collection of small games to which titles such as Tempurra, Time Bomb Evolution Y Ninja Academy.

On this occasion, we will move between the seven deadly sins. Anger, gluttony, laziness and pride, with their respective illustrations, will make up a card game that reinvents the essence of the classic ONE. You will bet on a high interaction between players, with their pikes.

The mission will be to get rid of the cards (and the sins) before the rest. It will not be easy, since the opponents will try to accumulate the largest number of cards. Whoever runs out of cards three times can claim victory.

Each of the sins is represented by a stick. We will start with six cards in hand. When we empty it, our new starting hand will be two cards down. On the turn, we will play as many as we can. We will discard those that correspond at the same suit or at the same value, without forgetting the ascending stairs.

We must know that we will activate the special ability of the last card played in the turn. Each suit offers a different spin, with its advantages and disadvantages. For example, with envy we draw two cards in exchange for exchanging the hand with one of the opponents.

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