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Surprise! Xbox is giving away 5 months of Game Pass to some players | Levelup

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Xbox had an excellent year full of major releases and a very attractive offering of Game Pass titles. The company does not want to end 2021 without once again spoiling its players, so it is giving attractive gifts to some lucky ones.

For a few hours, several players have reported that they received a surprise from Xbox for this holiday season: 5 months of Xbox Game Pass for consoles or the Ultimate service. It is without a doubt a fabulous gift to end 2021 and start next year on the right foot.

The good news is that you can be one of those selected, so here we tell you how to find out if you can enjoy this attractive free benefit.

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So you can know if you received 5 months of Xbox Game Pass for free

Some lucky Xbox fans have received an unexpected message from the company. In it they are given a code to get 5 months of Xbox Game Pass for consoles or Ultimate at no cost.

It is clarified that the code is not transferable, so it can only be used by the user who received it and in the account where the message arrived. The requirements to be one of the lucky ones are a mystery, since it seems that the gift is random.

However, some posts claim that this is a reward for All-Star Gold players, meaning they have active months of Xbox LIVE Gold. There are also cases where this is not necessary.

To see if you are one of the lucky ones, just check your messages or chats on your Xbox account from a console or the official mobile application. We also recommend that you take a look at your email linked to your account.

“We would like to give you 5 months of Xbox Game Pass for console. With Game Pass you can play more than 100 incredible games (…) It is not transferable. Redeem this promotion until January 25, 2022 ”, says part of the message.

We wish you luck, because as we mentioned, it is a gift that is being given to selected players, so you will not necessarily receive a code. Below you can see some comments from players who actually received the gift.

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