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Soulja Boy Regrets and Apologizes to Twitch for Threats of Lawsuit | Levelup

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Soulja Boy is not only famous for being a renowned rapper, but he is also popular on Twitch, a platform where he lives with his followers and enjoys some video games. The musician attacked the Amazon platform this week, as he was banned 2 times in a period of a few hours.

The music producer also exploded against Twitch since he was never notified of the reason for the punishment. Soulja Boy enraged and threatened the company with lawsuit. He also pointed out his alleged racism against him.

Apparently the musician has thought things better and is no longer so upset, as he used his social networks to publicly apologize for everything he said against Twitch.

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Soulja Boy apologizes to Twitch for calling them racists

A few days ago, Soulja Boy demanded that Twitch return his account to him as soon as possible. This after it was banned from the platform on 2 occasions in a matter of a few hours. He also claimed that the platform was racist and that he would use his millions of dollars to find the best lawyer and prepare a lawsuit.

The rapper’s mood changed radically shortly after, as he posted a message to apologize for his comments on his Twitter account. A day after the controversy, Soulja Boy confirmed that he spoke to the Twitch team about the ban.

Apparently the problem with his account has not been solved, but everything indicates that at least the musician already knows what happened, so he recognized the work of the entire platform team and thanked them for their support.

“I just got off the phone with Twitch. I would like to send an apology to all the staff and the community. It’s your decision, let’s see what happens. Thank you for your support, “wrote the rapper. No details about the conversation he had with the company were released.

If you wonder why we are talking about Soulja Boy, you may be interested to know that he has had several projects within the video game industry. One of the most recent is Soulja Boy Game, a portable console with a touch screen and access to both classic games and applications from popular entertainment services.

He has generated controversy for launching pirated systems and even sampling music from popular franchises such as The Legend of Zelda.

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