Sunday, June 26

Sifu’s physical edition will be released in spring 2022

Sifu is one of the video games of the moment for those who are true lovers of martial arts movies. Sloclap has presented a work in which our only goal will be to hit each other with milk against generous groups of enemies to play the role of superman who can even with the pointer who does not appear or on the scene. But you already knew that, for sure. What we come to tell you today is that Sifu will have a physical edition launching in spring 2022, coming out the complete video game in digital version next February 8 for PS4, PS5 and PC.

The perfect game if you are looking for a fight

It does nothing and less we bring you our impressions of Sifu, and we told you, in short, that it is one of the indies with the greatest potential for next year. In Sloclap’s play we will play a 20-year-old in search of revenge, and you know what it means: action everywhere. To tell the truth, if you see the gameplay of the work that we have left you on these lines, it may even remind us of the mythical A matter of honor from Jet Li, since the idea of ​​a combat system is practically traced.

Traced in the sense that the essence lies in having to do combos both left and right to defend ourselves from enemies with our best blows. Sifu has a beastly hidden potential that, for now, has impressed most players who have been able to get the glove. The video game, as we said, will be available from February 8 in digital version and, already in spring 2022, it will be able to be purchased in physical version, welcome news for lovers of collecting who want to have this work launched as a letter on their shelves. of love for lovers of Jackie Chan and company.

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