Wednesday, July 6

Season 3 of The Witcher almost has its scripts ready to be “the perfect season”

The Witcher just premiered its season 2 on Netflix, but the machinery does not stop and it has already been confirmed, by the showrunner responsible for the fiction of Netflix, that season 3 has almost finished its scripts. And that means that the next step would be to start filming, after polishing all the scripts so that they are as good as possible, of course (or so we hope).

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has revealed this information in a talk to TechRadar, where he has also released the book on which the events that are to come will be based (although roughly we can already get an idea). “We’re almost done with the writing phase, and it’s amazing. I’m really excited about the way the season is unfolding because it’s based on my favorite book in the series, which is The time of contempt“.

The first two seasons have been just the warm-up

Hissrich assures that the first and second seasons of The Witcher They have served to prepare the ground for what is to come. That is to say, that season 3 will be, or should be if we believe its words, much bigger and with events inside of true impact. “I feel like Seasons 1 and 2 have been setting the playing field for all the huge stuff that is about to happen. The creative process is starting now. We have the scripts and now we will bring back the directors, the actors, and the we’ll really start to dig deep and reflect and make sure it’s the perfect season“, explains the showrunner.

Season 3 of the series starring Henry CavillThus, it could be the definitive one and the best in terms of quality. Even Hissrich says it could be perfect. For now, that s, touch focus on season 2 because there is still a lot until season 3 premieres on Netflix.

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