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Reveal the most finished and abandoned video games of 2021 | Levelup

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2021 is ending and although shortages and delays were the common denominator, there were also great releases that delighted gamers on different consoles and PCs. The occasion lends itself to knowing all kinds of information related to the consumption and the gaming experience of the users and this time we have a very interesting list with the most finished titles of the year, although also with those abandoned or that were flatly sent. to the backlog.

Players of Resident Evil Village Y Metroid Dread yes they retaliated their purchase

The well-known site How Long to Beat, where you can check how long it would take to finish a game according to your time and ambitions, presented a list with the most finished games of 2021, which shows the effort that players put into their favorite games. In this case, the game with the highest percentage of users than the complete game was Resident Evil Village, the latest installment in Capcom’s successful franchise. On the other hand, in second place was Metroid Dread, the glorious return of Samus Aran to a Nintendo console.

Third is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, understandable because it was one of the few games of the new generation of PlayStation and that could only be played on PS5 so the users who bought it had no other choice. In fourth place is the GOTY 2021, It Takes Two, who won that position with his cooperative proposal that seems to go from start to finish with a friend, family member or partner. In fifth place is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Video: The Good, the Bad and the Meh – Metroid Dread

There are also the abandoned and bought, but forgotten, games of this year

Now, not everything is honey on flakes for the relationship between players and games and proof of this is the following list of How Long to Beat which gives an account of the games that were abandoned midway, that is, those that already had a considerable progress percentage but were left for various reasons, perhaps difficulty, lack of interest or that flatly did not hook the players. In this case, the most abandoned game was Twelve Minutes, one of the surprises of the year, followed by Loop Hero Y The Ascent. Then, in fourth and fifth place are OUTRIDERS Y The Medium, Bloober Team’s most ambitious horror title.

Abandoned games are a sad thing, but there is still a worse fate and it is those that were only played for a short time, in some cases minutes, and were immediately taken to the backlog to perhaps be resumed at another time or perhaps in the next years.

Regarding this list, the game that went to the backlog faster and in the greatest number of times was Nier Replicant. Second is Resident Evil Village, data that confirms the commercial success of this Capcom game because it is the most finished and one of those that went to the backlog. Then it is found Mass Effect Legendary Edition, understandable since the remastering of the original BioWare trilogy involves investing hundreds of hours of play. Then there is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and in fifth place The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, delivery that in many cases was bought to be played on another occasion, although it must be recognized that it served its first purpose: to offer the gaming experience without having to deal with a Wii and a Wiimote with Motion Plus in these times.

What do you think of these lists? What were your finished, abandoned, or backlogged games this year?

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