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Resident Evil Village is the most finished game of 2021 and Twelve Minutes the most abandoned

2021 has been a great year for video games, let’s not kid ourselves. Although we have had, of course, some other delay, in general we have had extraordinary releases that have kept us glued to the screen enjoying incredible stories. Although, well, be it for time or because it does not convince, not all players finish the video games they start. Some users do not have large spaces to dedicate tons of hours to a work and must be selective. Others do not waste time and prefer to go straight to the point with what they will like. And that causes that there are lists of the most finished titles and the most abandoned.

From HowLongToBeat This list of the most popular video games has already arrived in terms of being finalized by users and, on the contrary, a different one in which the works that the players have left aside at the first exchange are shown. The truth is that it is a very varied list in both cases, as you can see below, and it even happens in an interesting phenomenon with one of them, because it is in both lists.

Resident Evil Village is the most finished of the year

Capcom continues to raze its installments of both Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, and Ethan Winters’ new nightmare-filled adventure becomes the most finished by the players this 2021. Resident Evil Village It has an average duration of about nine hours, which can be shortened as in all Resident Evil.

At the top he is accompanied by Metroid Dread Y Ratchet & Clank: Una dimensin aparte, and finished in a top 4 by It Takes Two, the winner of the recent The Game Awards.

The curious case of Twelve Minutes

The video game of Annapurna Interactive It is right on the other side: it is the most unfinished of 2021. And it is curious because it is also one of the most finished of the year if we pay attention to the HowLongToBeat list (Game Pass helped a lot to give users a chance). So, we could say, he is hated and loved in equal measure. And is that loops are not for everyone, hence they are also Loop Hero The Returnal among the less finished.

What are the video games that you have finished in 2021 and which ones have you abandoned?

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