Friday, July 1

PlayStation consoles were the most used to visit Pornhub in 2021

It is just 2021 and that means that we have to take a look at what we have played the most or the music we have listened to non-stop. There are many companies that, in view of the end of the year, review what users have consumed the most and where they have done it. Although we are more used to, for example, Spotify Wrapped, other brands like Pornhub They also do that annual review to see where their website has performed best. And in the case of 2021, and always within the circle of consoles, so that the adult content web has triumphed especially in Sony machines.

In this way, PlayStation consoles accumulate 60.6% of Pornhub traffic, 17.6% more than last year. That has caused PS Vita, which has dropped by 75.7% and therefore are the desktop consoles where more adult content is consumed in terms of consoles. Xbox, meanwhile, is left with a 36,8% of the annual cake and Nintendo 0.4%. So it is the main machines of Microsoft and Sony that pull the band in this regard.

Fortnite, Overwatch or Minecraft among the most wanted video games

As always, in addition, Pornhub also tends to search a lot of video game content, and this year it seems that it has been Fortnite, the battle royale of Epic Games, the one that has won the race. Has passed in front of works such as Overwatch The Minecraft and has even left Pokémon in fifth place.


And to this is also added the search for specific characters, this being 2021 Lara Croft, D. Va (de Overwatch), Super Mario y Jill Valentine those who occupy the main places. In that sense, few surprises. On the other hand, the United States was the country that brought the most traffic to Pornhub in general, with hentai and Japanese also being the most searched words.

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