Wednesday, June 29

Neon Abyss, free on the Epic Games Store • Console and Dashboard

Like every Christmas, the Epic Games Store gives away one PC game per day. Until five in the afternoon, we can get hold of Neon Abyss. Once it is part of our library, we will keep it forever.


Neon Abyss is a game by Veewo Games and Team17, which offers us to explore dungeons. Shooting is part of the experience, along with decision-making that modifies the rules of the game.

To get hold of it, just locate it in the store and complete the purchase, for zero euros. If we follow the steps in time, we will keep it forever. This afternoon another game will be available, for now without a title. The promotion will last 24 hours.

Epic not only takes advantage of Christmas to give away a game a day, in its task to continue attracting new players and to keep the ones it already has. Until January 6, it will offer games at a 75% discount. In addition to having a coupon of 10 euros discount (for games of more than 14.99 euros), we get the Brisabelle costume, to Fortnite, and some wheels for Rocket League, among other content.

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