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NBA 2K22 best builds for center, power forward, shooting guard and more

If you want to be successful on MyCareer or online, you will need to spend your time and effort Best NBA 2K22 builds.

Playing to the unique strengths of each role might seem like a no-brainer, but the way NBA 2K22 builds influence stats is a little hard to get used to. Our list of best compilations for NBA 2K22 has a solid set that should carry you well throughout your career and beyond. We’ve included settings for all major positions like point guard, center, shooting guard, and more.

Best NBA 2K22 Builds – Best Core Build

Your center has a lot of responsibility and while you might go for a power build to help get through them, a speed-focused build works surprisingly well.

Best Next Gen Core Build Body Configuration

  • Height: 6’9 “
  • Weight: 193 pounds (approximately)
  • Wingspan: 7’7 “

The lighter center structure provides additional acceleration and speed, two of the most important stats for a center, while the extended wingspan offers a good boost to critical defense.

You can tweak them up or down to suit your style, but the list below is a solid starting point to work with.

Best Building Attributes of the Next Generation Center

Attribute Value
Close shot 80
Driving Layup 60
Driving Dunk 85
Nailing position 90
Post Control 85
Mid-distance shot 30
Pass accuracy 90
Inner Defense 90
Perimeter defense 80
Steal 75
Block 90
Offensive rebound 99
Defensive rebound 99
Speed Sixty-five
Acceleration Sixty-five
Force 70
Vertical 85
Endurance 95

Best Next Generation Center Construction Acquisition

We recommend Boxout Wall or Rim Protector to give your center even better defensive capabilities.

Best Next Generation Center Building Badges

There is flexibility with choosing your credential, but these are top of our list.

  • Lob City Finisher
  • Putback Chief
  • Brick wall
  • Bounce chaser
  • Unstrippable
  • Needle threader

Best NBA 2K22 Builds – Best Guard Build

The escort has an easy job. Steal the ball, then shoot or pass. Speed ​​is what you want the most from any escort structure, along with the obvious attributes like 3-point shooting and steal.

Best bodyguard build body setup

  • Height: 6’5 “
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’6 “

The wingspan may seem short, but what it lacks in overall range it makes up for in better shooting accuracy. Weight and height help increase the escort’s overall speed.

Best Escort Building Attributes

Attribute Value
Close shot 75
Driving Layup 75
Driving Dunk 80
Mid-range shooting 85
Three point shot 85
Free shot 60
Pass accuracy 75
Ball handle 80
Ball speed 80
Perimeter defense 80
Steal 85
Speed 85
Acceleration 85
Endurance 80
Vertical 90
Ball handle 75

Best Next Gen Takeover Bodyguard Build

Spot-up Shooter and Spot-up Precision should be your go-to purchases for obvious reasons. Anything that increases your chances of hitting a solid shot is a good thing.

Best Next Generation Bodyguard Construction Badges

  • Bullet pin
  • Stick hands
  • Circus three
  • Catch and shoot
  • Hot zone hunter

NBA 2K22 Best Builds – Best Power Forward Build

Power forward is like center, but he focuses even more on long shots, so naturally you’ll want to focus a bit more on shooting attributes and skills than anything else.

Best next-gen power forward building body setup

There is some debate about what makes a good power forward body type. Some play it safe with the default settings, although we have tried to maximize height and weight to focus on strength with some positive results.

  • Height: 6’10 “
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Wingspan: Max

Maximizing the wingspan further increases your strength stat, which is the goal of making them taller and heavier as well. You lose speed, but power forward is about, well… power.

Best next-gen power forward build attributes

Attribute Value
Close shot 50
Driving Layup Sixty-five
Driving Dunk 85
Nailing position 85
Mid-range shooting 75
Three-point shot 75
Free shot Sixty-five
Ball speed Sixty-five
Pass accuracy 85
Ball handle 75
Steal 80
Block 90
Perimeter defense 85
Inner Defense 75
Offensive rebound 85
Defensive rebound 90
Speed 75
Acceleration 75
Force 50
Vertical 75
Endurance 90

Best Next-Gen Power Forward Build Takeover

Post Scoring and Boxout Wall maximize the power forward’s offensive and defensive potential, which is why we recommend them for your top acquisitions.

Best Next Generation Power Forward Build Badges

As always, you can experiment with any number of badge combinations. However, we have found good results when including them in the mix.

  • Catch and shoot
  • Lob City Finisher
  • Hook specialist
  • Corner specialist
  • Dropstepper

The forward does a bit of everything, which makes building one a bit tricky. However, prioritizing shooting and defense covers most of these aspects, so our build focuses on that.

Best Next Generation Small Front Build Body Configurations

The forward needs to be fast, but also tall.

  • Height: 6’5 “(default)
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’2 ”

Additional bonuses that offer greater wingspan exceed the penalty of one force point.

Best Next Generation Small Advance Building Attributes

Attribute Value
Close shot 75
Driving Layup 70
Driving Dunk 90
Nailing position 60
Post Control Sixty-five
Mid-range shooting 60
Three point shot 80
Free shot Sixty-five
Pass accuracy 85
Ball handle 80
Ball speed 75
Inner Defense 50
Perimeter defense 70
Steal 80
Offensive rebound 70
Defensive rebound 70
Speed 75
Acceleration 70
Force 80
Vertical 75
Endurance 75

Best Next-Gen Acquisitions from Small Advances

Lockdown Defender increases your steal game, while Perimeter Badge Drop gives you a nice passive advantage when approaching offensive players on the perimeter.

Best Next Generation Small Advance Construction Badges

  • Intimidator
  • Unplug
  • Vigota
  • Bounce chaser
  • Lob City Finisher

Best NBA 2K22 Builds – Best Point Guard Build

The point guard is their best supporting position, but they also need the ability to score themselves.

Best setter body setup

  • Height: 6’2 “
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6 ‘

This base structure is designed around three-point shooting and high speed.

Best point guard attributes

Medium throw range 80
Three point shot 98
Free shot 90
Close shot 52
Driving Layup 90
Ball speed 93
Ball handle 95
Pass accuracy 85
Perimeter defense 75
Steal 86
Speed 95
Acceleration 93
Endurance 97

Best point guard Takeover

We prefer Limitless Range and Spot-Up Precision for this build to maximize its potential.

Best point guard badges

  • Break ankles
  • Drive for days
  • Hot zone hunter
  • Ball separator
  • Swindler

Choosing the best settings in NBA 2K22 is only half the game. Make sure to combine them with the best dribbling moves too, and pick them early to find out what unlock requirements you need to meet.

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