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Mercedes compares the end of the Abu Dhabi GP to the hand of God




En Mercedes are very hurt by what happened in the incredible finale of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Max Verstappen was crowned the new F1 world champion in an appointment that was marked by everything that happened after the accident of Nicholas latifi with five laps to go. Lewis Hamilton had the title in his pocket at that fateful moment. He was flying solo towards an eighth title that would have left him alone in the list of the most winning pilots in history. But the security car came out and there was a controversy that has not been turned off despite the fact that a few days have passed. The Stevenage man even spoke of a “manipulated” career …

In an interview with ‘Bild’, Toto Wolff has been dispatched to taste. Compare what happened in Yas Marina with the title that Argentina got in the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. “What happened is at the level of the hand of God of Diego Maradona or the Wembley goal of 1966”, has stressed. The last reference is to another controversial moment in football history. It evokes when England beat Germany with a bit of a ghost. Geoff Hurst hit the crossbar and the ball did not enter, but the referee gave up the goal.

In addition, Wolff has revealed what he said Christian Horner, Red Bull boss: “He wrote me that it was a good duel and that We must not forget that we are eight times builders’ champions and that is where the money is“And about what the energy drinkers said that their maximum rival had very bad to lose, the Austrian downplayed the poisoned dart: “These are things that arise from emotions. We don’t take it personally. They have deserved the victory“.

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Toto, crestfallen, and Susie Wolff.@ F1

Why didn’t they appeal

On the other hand, it should be noted that Mercedes finally decided do not appeal the Abu Dhabi result. After their two protests rejected by the commissioners, he announced that he was going to do it, but finally gave up.

“There is a difference between being right and getting justice. Before a normal court, we would almost certainly have won because we had a very strong case, but the problem with the International Court of Appeal is that the International Automobile Federation cannot rate its own work.. So with all the pain in our hearts, we decided not to appeal because we knew that we would not get the result we wanted. So there is a lesson to be learned: how can we make sure that in situations like that, the right decisions are being made. The verdicts of the commissioners must conform to the rules, “argued the Austrian.

Before a normal court, we would almost certainly have won because we had a very strong case.

Toto Wolff (Mercedes boss)

The absence at the Gala

The point is that Wolff and Lewis Hamilton chose to show their disagreement with the decisions of Michael Masi, FIA race director, in a very simple way. They were absent from the Federation Awards Gala. That can lead to a punishment for the seven-time champion, who, having been second in the overall drivers ranking, was obliged to attend according to the rules.

“Lewis and I are disappointed right now. Not because of our sport, which we love, but because if you break the principle of justice and authenticity you can stop loving it. We’ve started asking ourselves questions and that will take time to digest. I doubt we’ll ever stop. back all the way. It was the greatest injustice in history“, has sentenced the boss of Mercedes.

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