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How to get around and bypass a ban on Discord

Nobody likes it when it’s banned, and a Discord server is no exception to that rule. It is even more frustrating when no reasons are given for the ban. Sometimes you know what you did, but sometimes you honestly have no idea.

One of the most common reasons for getting banned from a Discord server is for violating the Discord Terms of Service (Cough). Bans can be short-term or permanent, fair or unfair; it’s actually completely in the hands of the person managing the server it was banned from, and nothing can be done about it.

Or is there? Let’s take a look at how you can get around a ban on Discord.

Does skipping a ban violate Discord’s Terms of Service?

Before we get into the details of how to avoid a ban, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: does avoiding a ban constitute a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service?

An individual server ban could simply be a dispute between you and an administrator. In these situations, you can still join any other server. If you really want to be a part of that server, you can create a new profile. However, violating the Discord ToS is more serious and can result in permanent bans.

Evading a ban does not, in itself, constitute a violation of the Terms of Service. However, depending on the reason you are evading the ban, and more importantly, your behavior AFTER you evade the ban, you could put yourself in the position of violating the Terms of Service. That’s how. There is a specific and explicit declaration within the Discord Community Guidelines:

So if you’ve been kicked off a server for harassing people on the server, and you circumvent the ban to go back and harass those people again, then you’re putting yourself in the line of fire. Keep this in mind when implementing the suggestions listed below.

How to evade a discord ban

There are two common ways to get around a ban on Discord. First, you can use a VPN. Or you can use a mobile device to fool the server.

We’ll take a look at both methods below, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to evade a discord ban: use a VPN

One of the best tools to overcome any ban is a VPN. This virtual private network masks your IP address and location. When you receive a ban from Discord, the company takes note of your device and denies access. It is for this reason that we will first show you how to use a VPN to bypass a ban.

There are many VPNs available today, but for this article we will use ExpressVPN.

Using a computer

You can use a VPN to bypass a ban on Mac and PC computers.

On a PC:

If you are using a PC, you will first need to delete all your Discord data from the machine. It may sound complicated, but don’t worry, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Close your Discord desktop client.
  2. Navigate to % application data% folder located in the C: drive. Note: To find your% appdata% folder easily use the Win + R keyboard shortcut and type ‘% appdata%’ in the box.
  3. Click ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and you will go directly to the folder you need. Right click on ‘Discord’.
  4. Select ‘Delete’.

Once you’ve deleted the Discord folder, it’s time to get up and running again.

  1. Activate ExpressVPN by clicking the Power icon at the top.
  2. Launch the Discord client on your desktop.
  3. Create a new account with a new email address.
  4. Log into Discord with your new account and join the server where it was banned.

On a mac

Mac users can follow these instructions. Just like the instructions for PC users, you will need to delete Discord data on your Mac first.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac and click ‘Go’ at the top. Then, click on ‘Go to Folder’ in the menu.
  2. Writes ~ / Library in the pop-up box and click Enter.
  3. Double click on ‘Application Support’.
  4. Right click on the Discord folder. Then click ‘Move to Trash’ and confirm to delete all Discord data from your Mac.

Now, you can activate ExpressVPN and get back to chatting on Discord. That’s how:

  1. Open ExpressVPN on your Mac and click the Power button to activate it.
  2. Once active, open Discord and create a new account.
  3. Now, you can join the server you would like to join.

Using a smartphone

Fortunately, you are not required to use a computer to avoid a Discord ban. You can also use your smartphone. The instructions are pretty much the same for iOS and Android users.

First, you will want to uninstall the application from your phone. This will remove any app data stored on your phone that Discord can detect when we log back in. When removing the app, activate your VPN.

Now, reinstall Discord and create a new account. As long as your VPN is actively masking your IP address, you will have no problem circumventing Discord’s ban.

If you haven’t signed up for a VPN yet, you can use the following method to bypass a Discord ban.

Using a mobile device and data plan

When you are banned from a server while using the desktop Discord client, the account identifier you signed in with and your unique IP address are what the Discord server uses to identify you as the target of a ban.

As such, you can’t just create a new account from the same machine – the IP address is still checked, which means the server will still be able to identify you.

However, if you have a mobile device with a data plan, you can use it to fool the server and avoid the ban.

That’s how:

  1. Turn off the WiFi on your mobile device and leave the mobile data on.
  2. Launch the Discord mobile app on your phone.
  3. Create a new account with a new email address.
  4. Log into Discord with your new account and join the server where it was banned.
  5. Log out of Discord and turn off your mobile data.
  6. Log back into Discord on the desktop with your new account. You should still be able to access the server.

Final thoughts

As you can see, bypassing a Discord ban is pretty easy. When using a mobile device or VPN, you can create a new account and bypass Discord’s IP detection to rejoin the server from which it was banned.

Do you know of any other methods to evade Discord bans? Share them in the comments below!

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