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Halo Infinite’s first major tournament suffers from technical problems | Levelup

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While it is understandable that there are setbacks at a live event, the HCS Kickoff Major came close to breaking the patience of many fans. That’s right, the first great tournament of Halo Infinite got off to a rocky start with several technical delays, and the complaints were swift.

Almost every match in the first round was delayed in some way. In both the Chiefs vs. Bing Chilling match and the XSET vs. Spacestation match, players had to log out mid-match and play some maps again. For its part, the start of the Na’Vi vs Divine Mind match was also delayed by almost an hour.

Before the annoyance of the assistants and the fans in social networks, the head of esports of HaloTashi thanked the viewers for their patience as the production team worked with the “technical gremlins” to make sure the next series of matches progressed smoothly.

Despite the complications, the first date of the tournament managed to come to an end on a good note, as the Raleigh Kickoff Major became the event of Halo most viewed of all time. That mark is sure to be surpassed when the playoffs are played this weekend.

“We took a lot of steps to stabilize tonight, and we have a plan of attack in the morning to enhance the show and the experience even more. This team is working very hard, “Tashi commented on his Twitter account. For now, it seems that the technical problems have been resolved.

At the moment, the winners bracket of the Kickoff Major is being played. You can see it live by the official channels of Halo.

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