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Grand Theft Auto Online: comparing Franklin from GTA 5 to his current appearance

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online expansion re-introduces Franklin to the crime ring, along with some notable changes for the fan-favorite character.

Rockstar Games’ ability to consistently release a stream of new content to Grand Theft Auto Online has kept the multiplayer experience alive on two generations of consoles right now. With GTA 5With the improved and expanded release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X looming, the game is skyrocketing past its eighth anniversary, with little sign that things are about to slow down anytime soon. In that span of time, the city of Los Santos and the surrounding countryside have also not stopped.

As well as the buildings, cars and weapons of GTA Online They have been modified by the relentless passage of time, as has the eclectic cast of characters that players associate with. This attention to detail can best be seen with the soon-to-be-reintroduced Franklin, a character players last controlled chronologically during GTA 5final missions. With roughly eight years that have passed in the universe since then and the upcoming free DLC “The Contract,” Franklin’s character model has been remarkably modified to reflect this.

Franklin’s physical appearance in GTA Online

Introduced after Grand Theft Auto 5In the prologue, Franklin quickly became a fan-favorite character when the game originally launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Taking on the role of the relatively newcomer to the world of organized crime, an archetype that other protagonists of the Previous franchises have had, Players gradually witnessed their rise to power through Franklin’s own deeds and actions.

His journey was in contrast to that of Michael and Trevor, who in many ways represented both success and failure. GTA protagonist tropes respectively. However, it is important to keep that trajectory in mind in the present, as it provides key context for why aspects of Franklin’s appearance have been changed during his reintroduction.

Franklin’s physical appearance is possibly the aspect of the character that has been simultaneously altered most obviously and subtly. In the eight-year interval from the end of GTA 5, the once fresh-faced hero is canonically capable of growing a showy beard. While his new facial hair is probably the observation most players will gravitate to first, slightly less obvious wrinkles have also taken over the character’s physical appearance that might not have changed otherwise. Considering that Franklin is presented to the player as a 25-year-old and is now only about 33, it’s no wonder there haven’t been any other significant developments on this front.

Changes to Franklin’s outfit in GTA Online

Having survived GTA 5The explosive story of one player, while accumulating a significant amount of money and influence at the same time, is not so shocking that the influx of wealth has allowed Franklin to update his wardrobe before his return to multiplayer. Considering that the character began his rise to fame wearing a basic shirt and jeans outfit, the tailored suit and jewelry he now sports is somewhat different.

Like Franklin’s neat appearance, the character’s expensive new fashion taste also reflects the hero’s journey from poverty to riches that he undertook during the main game. However, relying on the fact that Franklin’s outfit is completed by a pair of traditional sneakers, presumably for situations where a quick exit is needed, fans shouldn’t worry about the character taking a comfortable approach on the backseat of crime.

Franklin’s Wider Circle

While it is true that it is not an aspect of the character’s outward appearance per se, the gang Franklin was surrounded by during Grand Theft Auto 5 played at least one important role in shaping his personality. At the time that the content of “The contract” takes place in GTA Online, Michael and Trevor apparently no longer feature prominently in the scene. Instead, Franklin has gone into business on his own, creating the celebrity fixes agency F. Clinton and Partner that the player will work for during their multiplayer shenanigans.

However, Franklin’s childhood friend Lamar is still on the scene to lend a hand, and he’s been joined by hacker and series rookie Imani. Chop the Rottweiler is also set to make a popular return to the universe of GTA 5The faithful companion having received a worthy increase in age to reflect his many years of loyalty to Franklin. Real-world celebrities DJ Pooh and Dr. Dre will also appear in prominent returning roles within the new content, with the former’s lost phone and unreleased music being the quest that lures the player character into Franklin’s orbit.

Grand Theft Auto Online It’s available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and PS5 and Xbox Series X / S compatibility will be available in March 2022.

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