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Ghost Reaper Girl Manga is expanding Cthulhu myths far beyond Lovecraft

The Ghost Reaper Girl manga features some of HP Lovecraft’s well-known Cthulhu characters as Yog-Sothoth, but then takes them to the next level.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Ghost girl reaper Chapter 30!

It’s no secret that mangaka Akihisa Ikeda, also known as Akissa Saiké, was heavily inspired by HP Lovecraft. Cthulhu writing myths Chica Ghost Reaper. There are characters that he named Cthulhu gods or monsters, but who do not share many or any other similarities with their namesakes beyond what he decided to call them. There are also characters he took directly from the pages of Lovecraft’s fiction such as Cthulhu, the Great Elder himself.

Then there are cases where Saiké expands on pre-existing Lovecraft myths to create something entirely new but still unmistakably Lovecraftian. An example of this is Saiké’s version of Yog-Sothoth, Lovecraft’s cosmic entity and the Outer God who embodies all time and space through an infinite number of space-time continuums. Yog-Sothoth is known to lurk outside the known universe, serving as a door and key to the vastness of the Multiverse. In Ghost girl reaper, Yog-Sothoth gives the spirit Kai Iod “the silver key” so that he himself can open the gates of Hades, although Lovecraft’s Yog-Sothoth is the real key and the key really leads to the true immensity of what is. Because he could unleash the horrors of Hades with the Key of Yog-Sothoth, Kai Iod was once known as the Yog of Destruction, which is a term owned by Ghost girl reaper since the only Yog is the Yog-Sothoth himself.

The fact that Kai Iod can bring about destruction using the key of Yog-Sothoth almost matches the original myths of HP Lovecraft. Like most of the Great Ancients and Outer Gods of Lovecraft, a large number of cults follow Yog-Sothoth, and those who foolishly seek his favor are beset by calamity and ruin. But instead of Kai Iod experiencing those things, he is the one who brings that calamity and ruin to the people he chooses.

Kai Iod also once served another Lovecraft divine entity known as Oscar Cthulhu who never appeared in Lovecraft fiction but is obviously related in some way to Cthulhu, who, in Ghost girl it is the name of a species, not a specific character. Not much is known about Oscar such as whether he is the Great Elder’s brother or descendant, which wouldn’t deviate too much from the original myth, as Lovecraft’s Cthulhu actually has a vast family tree. a humanoid form like Oscar. What readers do know is that Oscar obviously has a power over Kai Iod that brings out his inner darkness. Kai originally believes that he killed Oscar, allowing him to serve his new teacher, Chloe Love. But once Kai finds out that Oscar is still alive, he has no choice but to revert to his old ways and become the Yog of Destruction.

Although Ghost girl reaper has been on hiatus since November 1 due to Akissa Saiké’s poor health, the manga will finally resume on December 28 with Chapter 31, which will see Chloe Love as she tries to restore Kai to how she was before Oscar. Cthulhu He returned him to the Yog of Destruction, allowing the spirit to open the gates of Hades.

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