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Final Fantasy 14 Chi Fate, Chi Bolts, and how to get the Level Checker mount

The FF14 Chi FATE and Chi Bolts you get from him are the only way to get the Level Checker mount in Endwalker, but actually finding the FATE takes almost as much work as defeating the boss.

You will also need a bit of patience if you want the level check mount. FATEs only take place in one of the Endwalker Endgame areas.

How to start the FF14 Chi FATE and get Chi Bolts

Head to Ultima Thule. The Chi FATE is a boss FATE, which means that you will have to chain at least two FATEs in the area before you have a chance for the Chi FATE to appear, but this time they are not random. Unlock the streams of ether flux in Ultima Thule, or switch to a flying mount if you have one, then teleport to Omicron Base.

Talk to N-0265 to activate the two FATE you need. Teleport to their locations and complete the objectives, then the FATE boss, Omicron Recall, will appear at X: 34, Y: 21. If you check your map, it’s the big square on top of it.

We recommend not doing this alone. You are rewarded with Chi Bolts, which are used to exchange for the Level Checker mount, based on how much you or your party have contributed. You need 12 to get the mount, so the more damage you can do, the better off you’ll be.

The Omicron Recall FATE only spawns once every 48 hours, so there is no guarantee that it will appear as soon as you complete the other N-0265 FATEs. Check with your Free Company or other global groups to try to coordinate, as it seems ¡Faloop! does not include Omicron Recall.

How to get the Level Checker mount on FF14

Once you have 12 Chi Bolts, head over to Radz-at-Han and talk to Nesvaaz to exchange them for the level check identifier, which unlocks the mount.

You’ll also earn dozens of bi-color gems for completing Omicron Recall, useful items in Final Fantasy 14 that you can exchange for Mousse Flesh, among other things, and craft weapons to sell at the market. However, once you complete the MSQs, it’s time to turn your attention to getting Moonward Gear and the Tomestones of Aphorism needed for it, and maybe some Berkanan Sap to create tinctures for those dungeons.

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