Sunday, June 26

Death Carnival, an arcade shooter for PC, mobiles and consoles • Console and Dashboard

Death Carnivalfrom Furyion Games is shown in an action-packed trailer. We are facing an arcade shooter, which will be compatible with PC, mobile phones and consoles. The launch is scheduled for 2022.


As confirmed by its creators, in this shooting game we will have brutal weapons. They will be the faithful companions to the combats in the air, in multiplayer online.

The environment will help us find new ways to destroy enemies. Battles will take place in solo, through co-op or competitive PvP. They will take place in a futuristic world, torn apart by war. Against this background, humanity survives in a few cities.

Televised gory sports are a way out of this fickle reality. Not a few will participate, facing hordes of enemies and machines. Everything is valid when fortune and fame are at stake. For its part, the teams will be customizable. We will choose between more than twelve characters, with their respective attacks.

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