Wednesday, July 6

Back 4 Blood Gets Big Update With Offline Solo Campaign And More

Back 4 Blood has passed much longer than Left 4 Dead at the time. And it is that the formula is already very burned and not even Turtle Rock has been able to give an attractive enough approach to that zombie-killer in the first person so that the community of players remains glued to the work. To give users a bit of motivation and keep Back 4 Blood afloat, Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock have updated the game with a large dose of content, and with a highly sought after option: the offline solo campaign.

Yes, now we no longer need to be connected to anywhere to enjoy the main story of Back 4 Blood, which is made up of various acts and of different levels and stages, just like its predecessors. Of course, the patch is completely free and you don’t have to go through the box to unlock the new content. That campaign is just the tip of the iceberg, because there is much more fabric to cut.

Everything that the new update of Back 4 Blood brings

As we said, in addition to the offline campaign, Turtle Rock has also implemented the traveling merchants, which translates to rotating supply lines that give players rewards to spend their supply points. In addition, there will also be the new consumer letters, to be used in Shelters for special perks and power-ups, see Instant Heal or Stamina Increase.

And, best of all, Fort Hope will now be sporting a new Christmas decoration, ready for players to celebrate these long-awaited dates. Back 4 Blood. But that’s not all, because there will also be a practice area for zombies, Adjustments to Recruit, Veteran, and Nightmare difficulty modes, new seasonal character skins, weapon skins, emblems and graffiti, and adjustable Music Tracks on the jukebox.

Wow, there really is everything and it seems that Turtle Rock is clear that he wants to improve the gaming experience of this game even more. Back 4 Blood, with those new aspects for the characters (focused on Christmas theme) and more game options with these consumer cards as the main novelty. In our guide to Back 4 Blood You will find everything you need to be the best in this new first person shooter of infected.

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