Friday, July 1

Babble Royale, a curious game that mixes Scrabble with battle royale

If you think you’ve seen it all in the battle royale genre, that’s because you don’t know Babble Royale, a fun title that combines the essence of works such as Fortnite The Call of Duty Warzone with the legendary scrabble board game. The term battle royale is expanding a lot and is already permeating with concepts that we could never have imagined.

A different and unique battle royale

Babble Royale has a common operation within the genre. The games of the game of Everybody House Games are made up of 16 players, which is not an impressive figure either considering that we are used to battle royale with approximately 100 users, and the objective is to reach the center of the board to survive and take victory (there is also a circle here). It is not an easy task because to get new words we will have to load ourselves with other users by writing words from their letters.

What do we get by charging an enemy? Well loot, of course. This is a battle royale and there are also items to collect here. The big difference is that the loot is made up entirely of letters, so it is imperative to have to kill other players in order to progress and survive the circle that is closing. In other battle royale, like those mentioned Warzone The Fortnite, it is not necessary to kill anyone to win, we can use other methods to succeed, but here it is more necessary.

How can I get it?

Best of all, Babble Royale is right now free on steam (you can access the from here) via its early access, which was released yesterday, December 15. Little by little, and as usual, the game will receive new content and gradually implement improvements, customization options for our avatar, etc. Although it may seem otherwise, Babble Royale comes loaded with all the ingredients that make up a standard battle royale, only focused on Scrabble.

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