Thursday, June 30

Alien: Isolation launches on iOS and Android • Console and Dashboard

El survival horror Alien: Isolation It is already a reality on iOS and Android devices, through the App Store and Google Play. It comes from the hand of Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive and SEGA.


The premiere of Alien: Isolation on mobile it helps to expand its universe, allowing more players to get closer to it. It is available at a price of 14.99 euros, preserving the tension and the graphics. It comes with a customizable touch interface, designed for the occasion, and with all seven DLCs.

Those responsible remember how we are facing a game that unites terror and the fight for survival, with action always present. Our character is Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter. As such, we will do whatever it takes to shed some light on the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

The search for answers turns into a desperate fight to stay alive. It is not for less, since a deadly and disturbing threat will pursue her relentlessly. The arrival to mobiles is not alone. The companies share the respective launch trailer.

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