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A big fan! NFL player talks about video games while on the bench | Levelup

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An important part to reduce the stigma that weighs on video games is that some celebrities have shown their passion for gaming in public. Many of them, dedicated gamers, come from professional sports because thanks to their activity they have time available to dedicate to their favorite video games. Recently, an NFL professional gave something to talk about after being caught on several occasions talking about video games with his teammates while they were on the bench.

Joey Bosa is a fan of video games and loves FromSoftware’s work

If you are a fan of the NFL you probably know Joey Bosa, a defender for the Los Angeles Chargers, the best linebacker on the team, one of the best in the league and currently the highest paid at that position. In addition to handing out tackles and stopping advances in the NFL, Bosa is passionate about video games and shows it is his conversations while on the bench with his teammates. As you know, to create content and have historical audiovisual records, the NFL has activated microphones that allow you to hear the players on the grid.

Well, in the case of Joey Bosa, these recordings, whose cut you will find in this link, and the full video in this other, showed their great taste for video games in a series of talks. The first one shows him yelling “Hadouken”, like Ryu’s iconic attack from Street Fighter. Then the player tells one of his teammates that “it’s over Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice“and what” is 2 heads away from finishing Dark Souls III“.

Joey Bosa boasted that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is over

In another recording, Joey Bosa asks a fellow Chargers teammate if he’s played God of War at maximum difficulty. In the same way, the player asks one of his coaches if he plays online Call of Duty The Halo while explaining his celebration dances inspired by the scene from FPS and games like Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Finally, it seems that Bosa is a big fan of FromSoftware’s work because after a successful play he celebrated with the now classic “Praise the Sun” but later revealed to one of his coaches that he will seek to perfect it or make it known because he thinks people don’t You will understand the origin of your celebration.

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