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You have proof! AMLO assures that “Nintendo” apologizes for violence | Levelup

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Yes, once again the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, attacked video games, a form of entertainment that he has identified as harmful to children and youth and which he has considered as a trigger for the violence that exists in Mexico from the early age sectors. Unfortunately, the Mexican president’s speech follows the same line and this time he assured that he has evidence that video games defend crime and that, in some way, they are related to episodes of violence.

Another day, another criticism of AMLO against videogames

During his morning press conference, known as “La Mañanera,” the President of Mexico once again touched on the issue of video games and their negative effects on children and young people. Since he began these offensives against gaming, AMLO has been the object of criticism and ridicule because although there is scientific evidence that there is no relationship between video games and violence, he insists that it is so.

This time, the Mexican president claimed to have evidence that there is a relationship between video games and violence: “we will not be long in making the games, Nintendo, how it is being promoted, apology is made very well known. violence and how these violent practices are promoted in games from children, adolescents and all that … this … because it occurs outside, it is content that is produced abroad and you have to give it attention … eh .. .eh … I’m going to ask Marcelo [Ebrard] to report on what is being done in this complaint that was filed in the United States, how it is going … this … what agreements it has reached “.

From video games to lawsuit against US gun manufacturers in one step

As you can read and see in the video shared by the Twitter account of Political Animal, AMLO not only attacked videogames again, but unexpectedly passed from them towards the issue of the complaint filed by the Mexican government, through Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, against the large arms manufacturers in the United States, which seeks to reduce illegal arms trafficking to our country. The foregoing suggests that, in some way, the President of Mexico is seeking a relationship between video games, violence and illegal arms trafficking to explain problems with a deep socioeconomic origin that have little or nothing to do with forms of content consumption in society.

In this way, do not expect AMLO to leave the line of attacking video games and blaming them for social problems that even precede his arrival in Mexico.

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