Tuesday, August 16

Xavi’s press conference, live

Xavi Hernndez appears this Friday afternoon to analyze the match against him Elche. The Catalans face the shock with the imperative need to win and with many casualties.

Xavi’s appearance, minute by minute

4:44 pm: Thebes over Haaland

“Right now we have a difficult economic situation. You have to be realistic and think that it will not be easy to reinforce the team. There is a problem with the salary and chip limit. Let’s see what happens and in terms of names as well. In the case I don’t know anything about Haaland. Everyone would be interested, and Tebas the first, that he was in LaLiga, I’m not saying in Bara. “

4:43 pm: Titles

“Being realistic we have the capacity to win titles. We cannot rule out even to win LaLiga because I have seen them in all colors. We have to fight for the titles. I am positive and also realistic”

4:41 pm: New stage

“We need to understand at the football level. Some players find it difficult to understand and it is strange being at Barcelona. We are eighth in the classification and this is going to change the dynamics. And we have to be brave. The players are making a great effort, attitude. .. but you have to win tomorrow. “

16.40 hours. Laliga

“It is what marks the feelings of the team. You have to keep working and believing in what we do, which is the right way. Then to fight for the Cup, the Super Cup and grow. The feelings are useless, only to improve, but this is going to win “

16.39 hours: Umtiti

“He’s going to start a lot of games. I have all the players, we need everyone. The same morning Lenglet doesn’t play and on Monday you ask me about him. Lenglet, Eric, Umtiti have to be prepared for when the team needs them. Eric goes to be important “

16.38 hours: Transfers

“This game and Tuesday’s in Seville are our reality, our present. We cannot think about the injured. I am hoping that a change will be seen in the team. We must continue and we will think about ficahjes on the 31st because we have emergencies in terms of points “

16.36 hours: Victoria

“The team needs a victory. We are working very well, we finished the training happy. The commitment is unquestionable. But we need a victory now to change the dynamics in any way. We are going for the 6 points. We are doing things well, but we are not comes to compete “.

16.35 hours: Headdresses

“Both Jordi and Ousmane are fine”

16.34 hours: First four

“I trust a lot in the squad, players. The results are not coming but I am confident. The feelings are being more good and positive, but the results are not reaching us. Tomorrow is another litmus test, to be protagonists with the ball and that the result arrives . Even if you say that you work well and there is a good attitude, this is about winning and achieving the three points. The main objective is to be among the first four and win titles. Nothing can be ruled out, they have seen all colors. The distance with the leader is very big “

16.32 hours: Dembl

“I spoke with him yesterday and I am positive. He is happy, he wants to continue and it is a matter of agreeing between the agent and the club. He knows the importance that it will have. I see him happy, content, he is playing well. the goal to make a difference, but he’s giving us a lot. “

4.30 pm: Rival

“We try, in some way, to contrast the game model that is costing us more than we thought but this does not stop. Tomorrow is a momentous match, there are three very important points, last game at the Camp Nou. We needed more time than we expected. , but we are on the right track. It is a good time to take a step forward. “

4.30 pm: Xavi starts

The preparer appears in the Press Room.

4:23 PM: Xavi’s Press Conference

At 4.30 p.m. the technician is scheduled to appear.


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