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Will Steam Deck be delayed again? Valve talks about it | Levelup

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Steam Deck, Valve’s attractive laptop PC, is highly anticipated and many gamers dreamed of having fun with the system this end of the year. However, the company decided to delay its launch to February 2022.

While there is already a new release window set, some people still fear another possible delay. To calm gamers, Valve decided to talk about the Steam Deck launch and the chances of its release being delayed even longer.

Fortunately, there is good news for people who are looking forward to their notebook PC, as everything indicates that it will arrive in February and that the chances of another delay are low.

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Valve confident that Steam Deck will debut in early 2022

During an interview with PC GamerValve designer Greg Coomer was asked whether they will be able to meet the Steam Deck launch window. This is because there are still shortage and distribution problems.

The creative accepted that the delay of the portable PC caused disappointment, but that they trust that it will be able to arrive at the hands of the players in February of next year. So for now they rule out another delay.

“We feel we are on the right track. We are still discouraged about having to move from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. But yes, all signs are that we will be able to ship in February,” Coomer said.

The company expects thousands of people to receive its Steam Deck unit in that month. On the other hand, it was explained that the initial delay was due to the difficulty in finding certain parts of the system. Coomer revealed that the problem was caused by a couple of parts that arrived late, as they are highly sought after in various industries.

Finally, the creative explained that the schedule to bring Steam Deck to players extends throughout 2022 and 2023. So they are already working to increase the number of units available in the system.

“We expect to increase our numbers steadily throughout that time, to the point where there are many millions of customers if things go the way we think they will,” concluded the Valve member.

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