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Why buy the Nintendo Switch Console • Console and Dashboard

The Nintendo Switch Console it has been positioned as a favorite since its launch. A console that is as good for children as it is for the older ones and that, in addition, is an excellent option as a Christmas gift for yourself or for a loved one.

And, surely you have heard a lot about this Nintendo console and you have even had an eye on it. However, before you dare to take it, we are going to know some reasons that will convince you that it is for you.

You can choose the version of Nintendo Switch Console that suits you

Nintendo Switch Console It is available in three different versions or presentations:

Nintendo Switch Original

A portable and TV console in one device, it can be connected to different screens or played as a handheld device. It uses detachable Joy-Con controllers that, when unplugged, work wirelessly.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is a portable console only, it has built-in controllers that replace the Joy-Con on the left with a traditional D-pad. Also, this model is lighter than the original.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The screen of this model is a little bigger, with 7 inches as opposed to the 6.2 of the original; it also has a slimmer bidel. Its technology, as the name implies, is OLED what allows you to provide better visual quality than its predecessors. It also has a top storage of 64GB.

How do the different Nintendo Switches coincide?

All three versions have stereo speakers, an Nvidia Tegra X1 CPU / GPU and have sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and for brightness level).

The Original Switch and the Lite have a storage of 32 GB and their screens are 720p LCD, 6.2 and 5.5 inches respectively.

While, the Original version and the OLED version have a 4,310 mAh battery, with 1080p video output and use Joy-Con.

Amazing games available for Switch

What the Nintendo Switch Console does coincide in are the games, which you can play in the various versions without problems. Yes, you must pay close attention for those who require the Joy-Con.

1.- Fortnite

A game that tests your skills in third person shooter, that measures you against other players in an open world and with limited resources until there is only one left. This installment was mainly a combination between survival and tower defense, but it evolved into Battle Royal, boosting its popularity until it reached this console.

2.- Mario Kart 8

One of the quintessential games on Nintendo consoles, a version of the famous delivery Mario but with race cars. It is the ideal game to share with friends in an online game or better, adjust the console’s table mode to share with another person.

3.- Gang Beasts

This is a relatively new game that first came to this console in 2014, with no previous releases. The objective of this installment is to create different challenges that you can do alone or with other players and you can have a very pleasant time doing them.

It has multiple add-ons

Another great feature of the Nintendo Switch Console Original and Oled, mainly, is its gRan compatibility with multiple accessories or add-ons. For example, you can purchase the Joy-Con separately, although you will need the charging station for them. However, the latter will not be a problem because they are very easy to acquire.

In addition, you can customize your gaming device with the protective cover of your choice. Finding models as varied as you can imagine.

And so, as you can buy the Joy-Con, there is another model of wireless controller that you can get, with a regular control design and also with different finishes.

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