Thursday, June 30

There will be stock of PS5 in Spain next week, between December 20 and 22

Spanish online stores specialized in videogames and electronics, and online portals of department stores, will receive a supply of PlayStation 5 early next week. Players can buy PS5 through those channels between the Monday, December 20 and Wednesday, December 22, according to our sources, which indicate that it will probably be the last consignment of the O. Also some units will arrive at physical stores, but getting one here will be a matter of luck or having a plug.

We don’t know how many units there are of Sony’s latest-generation console will reach Spanish stores, although they will probably be insufficient to meet demand. Buying a PS5 in Spain and in any other country has been a complicated task since its Released Nov 19, 2020. The machines arrive by dropper, they are not distributed in physical stores and they sell out on the sales websites in minutes, if not seconds.

Is stores are unlikely to notify of replenishment out of stock before it is available. The reason, according to our source, is simple: expectant users interested in buying a PS5 enter the page at the same time, causing the web to crash, which affects the rest of the players and the buyers of other products. This is what happened to GAME on the night of December 9th.

Where to buy PS5 in Spain

Here are the links to PS5 with Blu-ray player and PS5 digital edition, which have a recommended retail price of 499.99 and 399.99 respectively, in the main Spanish stores.

PS5 Educator

We also recommend you to be aware of the Twitter accounts of those websites in case they warn at the time of stock replacement. In addition, the following Twitter and Telegram communities notify when PS5 is available in stores.



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