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The Witcher: when will Season 2 of the series premiere on Netflix? | Levelup

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The premiere of the series The Witcher On Netflix it was a sensation, which motivated the company to confirm a second season. After 2 years of the original debut, the series will expand with new episodes that seek to surpass the mark that Season 1 left … when and what time will they be available?

Like Season 1, Season 2 just days before Christmas. On this occasion, the premiere is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, December 17, the day on which all the episodes of the new season will appear on the streaming platform, according to TechRadar.

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At what times will Season 2 of The Witcher?

  • Fairbanks, Alaska – 11:01 PM (Thursday, December 16)
  • Los Angeles, USA – 12:01 AM (Friday, December 17)
  • Western Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua – 1:01 AM
  • Mexico City and Central Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru – 2:01 AM
  • East of Canada and USA, West of Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Paraguay – 3:01 AM
  • East of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, extreme eastern part of Canada – 4:01 AM
  • Japan – 4:01 PM

How many chapters will Season 2 of The Witcher?

Again, the season will consist of 8 episodes whose titles you can see below.

  • A Grain of Truth
  • Kaer Morhen
  • What Is Lost
  • Redanian Intelligence
  • Turn Your Back
  • Dear Friend
  • Voleth Meir
  • The title of the eighth is a surprise

We remind you that Netflix has already confirmed that there will be a third season and the project manager expects there to be 7 seasons. On the other hand, Henry Cavill, actor of Geralt de Rivia, is willing to play the character as necessary.

In case you missed it: the series of The Witcher for kids will retain some elements of horror.

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