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The ghost is back: the coronavirus threatens basketball again




EMarch 12 of last year, Rudy Gobert and Trey Thompkins’ coronavirus positives forced to paralyze the development of the NBA and of the Euroleague, respectively. It’s been 19 months and lockdowns all over the world and basketball has not yet returned to the old normal nor with the vast majority of the vaccinated protagonists. In fact, the ghost has returned.

The new variant of COVID seems less lethal, probably thanks to the vaccine, but it is much more contagious. Cases are multiplying and basketball is no exception. More and more players are affected and competitions are beginning to be forced to postpone matches. They trust, that is, that everything is in small adjustments in the calendar and not having to take more drastic measures.

53 NBA players in health protocols

More than 80 players have already entered the NBA’s health protocols against the coronavirus throughout this season, but lately the growth is brutal. In the first six weeks, only 16 had to stop. There are currently 53, with stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and James Harden. Among the Spaniards, there are also Juancho Hernangmez, who entered this Friday, and Serge Ibaka, who did it a few days ago. At the rate that is played, the contagions grow: the Hornets, who suffered an outbreak, were measured at Bulls, who have postponed two games having eight cases, and who later played with the Nets, which now have seven positives.

The belief in the NBA is that from the Christmas dates everything can be triggered even more. Save the meditics Christmas day, which supposes a lot of income, is now a priority, but the ‘New York Times’ wondered this Friday if there would be no suspend all competitions until February. For now, the League will introduce New measures reminiscent of the last two seasons: many further testing of players and team members, masks for those who are not on track …

Barça player Nigel Hayes, isolated in Athens

The Euroleague is not being greatly affected by the coronavirus. Last season we had to postpone and relocate 17 games. This, for now, none. Until this week, there were isolated cases at Bayern, Zalgiris and ASVEL, but now the Real Madrid and Bara have registered positives: Pablo Laso and Thomas Heurtel on the one hand and Nigel Hayes for the other.

The azulgrana, in addition, knew his case in Athens, where was he going to play against him Panathinaikos. I noticed the first symptoms on Wednesday, the day before the meeting, with what remains eight days of quarantine in a hotel. If later it is negative, you can return to Barcelona. And all this coinciding with his 27th birthday. The team congratulated him on the video call after winning at the OAKA.

The introduction of vaccines, with more than 90% of the players receiving some dose, has made the protocols will be relaxed, but in the Euroleague they are prepared to change regulations if infections increase.

Outbreaks in Valencia and BAXI Manresa

An outbreak in Valencia Basket forced to postpone his last matches of Endesa League and Eurocup. This Friday was the BAXI Manresa the one who reported six cases, with which I will not be able to play this Sunday against Bara. The match has been postponed to January 4. The azulgranas, Madrid, Joventut and Breogn they have also had cases recently. Of these, only the Galicians were positive enough to have to modify their calendar.

In the ACB, from which they emphasize that the main thing is the health of the players, no drastic measures are being considered for now. If the positives continue to occur, matches will be postponed. They already have the past course experience, when they could all relocate and the competition was held between changes to the calendar.

Postponements in FEB competitions

On the day of this Friday, there will be two games postponed and others are already known for the future. The Unicaja Banco Oviedo, the HLA Alicante, the EasyCharger Palencia and the Levitec Huesca The Magic they are the ones who are suffering the most from the virus. The Aragonese had suspended their match against him ICG Outside Lleida and in the middle of the afternoon they were requested by the FEB to play at 9:00 p.m., as the match was back on its feet. In the Endesa Women’s League, the Araski-BAXI Ferrol was postponed.

There is no other than learn to live with the virus and adapt to changing circumstances. He is going to stay and, as long as there is no formula to end him, affect sports and daily life.


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