Tuesday, July 5

Tchia, a new sample of its gameplay • Console and Board

Awaceb takes advantage of this December to discover new details of Tchia. It does so through a trailer dedicated to its gameplay, where our character climbs, plans and faces dangers.


Tchia It will be a reality during the spring of 2022. The premiere is scheduled for PC, through the Epic Games Store, PS4 and PS5. It is defined as a solo adventure through natural landscapes, which take New Caledonia as a reference.

The young protagonist will navigate and explore lands in search of hidden treasures, making use of acrobatic jumps. It will be able to take the form of almost any animal and object, taking advantage of its abilities. In this way, it will dive like a small fish and fly like a parrot, among other possibilities.

As regards inanimate objects, they give rise to smart combinations with which to defeat enemies. They pass by lanterns or coconuts. The moments of relaxation will be accompanied by the use of the ukulele.


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