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Sneaky and Doublelift will have a special duel in PUBG Mobile | Levelup

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A group of gamers and content creators will land on PUBG Mobile to play as familiar characters, but in a different environment.

A few weeks ago, League of Legends merged with PUBG Mobile when Mirror World came to Erangel as part of a collaboration. Since then, the characters of the hit animated series Arcane have been available on PUBG Mobile.

Now, former pro players Doublelift and Sneaky will lead a team to battle for victory in the Mirror World Duel event. This pair of legends will have the opportunity to face each other again, only this time it will be in Summoner’s Rift but in a Battle Royale.

These will be the teams:

  • Doublelift (exprofesional from LoL)
  • Tyler1 (streamer de LoL)
  • Xifan (profesional de PUBG Mobile)
  • Rolexxx (streamer de PUBG Mobile)
  • Sneaky (exprofesional de LoL)
  • Yassuo (streamer de LoL)
  • Karnage (professional from PUBG Mobile)
  • Jacob Gaming (streamer de PUBG Mobile)

These squads will be found in Erangel’s Mirror World to choose a character from League of Legends. Your choices will be Vi, Caitlyn, Jinx, and Jayce, who starred in the first season of Arcane. They will first fight each other and then move to the rest of the map to seek victory.

Teams will play 2 games to decide the winners and the lobby will be filled with another 72 popular content creators from PUBG Mobile. Mirror World Duel will premiere on YouTube and Facebook channels of PUBG Mobile December 17.

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