Wednesday, July 6

Samsung patents a roll-up smartwatch screen that doubles in size

The Samsung watch patent describes an expandable display that can provide the shape of a smartphone, with portrait and landscape modes and even a selfie camera.

A recently posted Samsung The patent reveals a wild roll-up concept for a smartwatch that has the ability to double the size of its screen. As technology advances, a wrist-mounted device could, in theory, replace many of the functions of a smartphone, but the biggest restriction is the small screen size, making it more difficult to type or swipe. the text and much more difficult to see detailed images and read. large amounts of text.

Samsung has been making huge phones for quite some time and its Galaxy Watch 4 is among the largest Wear OS wearable devices. Not content with simply making the biggest phone possible, Samsung researched and developed flexible display technology. Now in the third generation, the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip are leading the way to technology that expands when needed, then shrinks to save space.

A recent Samsung patent discovered by Let’s go digital, reveals a smartwatch designed to stretch vertically, doubling the height of the screen, looking somewhat like a small phone strapped to the wrist. The versatile design of the flexible watch face also allows you to rotate 90 degrees for horizontal expansion for better viewing of maps or social media comments in a sidebar while watching a video. Given Samsung’s success with folding phones, this roll-up smartwatch design could become a future Galaxy Watch, providing greater overall ease of use, convenient texting, and better navigation. With advancements in processor speed and efficiency, a larger screen would bring smartwatches one step closer to replacing smartphones.

How Samsung’s Rolling Clock Works

At 113 pages, Samsung’s patent details the mechanism of a smartwatch display that can double in size through the use of a flexible display. Looking more like an Apple Watch in the shape of a rounded rectangle, one edge of the screen can slide outward, unwinding the screen from an internal scroll. The watch crown is pulled out to disengage to allow 90-degree rotation, then pushed in to lock, allowing both vertical and horizontal use like a smartphone.

The dream of a video chat watch has been around since the days of the Dick Tracy comics and another unique feature described in the patent is the addition of an under-screen camera that can take photos and record videos, resulting in an even bigger replacement for a smartphone. However, no rear or edge cameras are described, so it would be mostly limited to selfies and video calls. While this flexible, rolling screen design mimics some of the functions of a small smartphone, the Galaxy phone is not going away anytime soon. This advanced expandable smartwatch will not appear in 2022 as the Galaxy Watch 5, although this, or something similar, could arrive in a future portable of Samsung

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