Tuesday, August 9

Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Jill Valentine Receives Spectacular Limited Edition Figure

Jill ValentineOne of the most recognizable characters in Capcom’s survival action saga, receives a highly detailed 1/4-scale limited edition figure. According to reports from BigBadToyStore, the figure has been manufactured by the team of artists of PureArts and tries to faithfully capture the redesign that the character underwent in Resident Evil 3 Remake, the reimagining of the classic that we received for current consoles in 2020. This small statue recreates an action scene in which our STARS agent faces a little zombie hour with a pistol.

The measurements of the figure are as follows: 21.65 x 11 x 11.52 inches (55 cm x 28 cm x 44.5 cm). In addition, it has been made entirely of polystone and it is a very limited edition of 2000 pieces in total, so if you are passionate about the franchise and you are interested in getting it, you should take a look at it as soon as possible. The support of the figure is a can of gasoline and the bust of some of the zombies, while there are other details to highlight such as that the clothes that Jill wears is not the one from the redesign, but a Alternate costume obtainable with in-game pre-order and that is much more similar to the one that it carried in the original title of 1999.

A remake that didn’t quite live up to expectations

Resident Evil 3: Remake that They have not finished convincing us, although all this does not mean that we have had a great time remembering this classic with, in addition, a couple of important surprises and an incredible audiovisual section. We would have liked him to delve deeper into the horror, be more ambitious, and tell us more about Raccoon City and its inhabitants, but even as an action adventure with its dose of survival horror, We find it very funny and spectacular, and obviously he does not have a second to spare “, we commented at the time in our extensive analysis.


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