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Rats playing DOOM could start streaming on Twitch | Levelup

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We recently told you about the work of Viktor Tóth, a neuroengineer who put to work for a trio of rats to learn to play DOOM. It can be said that their experiment was a success, as the rats controlled the video game and it made international news. Now this guy is open to leading his mammals to stardom on Twitch.

Recently, Tóth gave an interview to Futurism in which he spoke about the origins of his experiment, as well as its results. One of the questions was if he was thinking of making the jump to Twitch after the popularity his rats had on the Internet.

It may seem strange, but the neuroengineer’s answer was yes. It is not that he dreams of Internet fame, but rather that he sees it as a good way to generate income for the project. Of course, there is a problem: rats cannot play DOOM for a long time, for his own good.

“Yes I think so. I think it is a very valid way to monetize a project like this. The only problem is how long the rat can run.

I once had Romero running for 15 minutes, which was great. It was crazy because he did it for a long time and he didn’t get tired or want to get off. So if you can get the rat to get to a point where it really expresses its curiosity about the game, then it could be really interesting.

If I could get to that point and the rats actually ‘played’ for 10-20 minutes straight, then yeah. Streaming on Twitch would be a very valid way to introduce this to people, ”Tóth said.

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In other news

So we may never see the trio of rats dominate Twitch, but it would certainly be a show that many would be interested in. We will be on the lookout and we will inform you if they start broadcasting.

What do you think about this new? Do you think some rats playing DOOM could they break it on Twitch? Tell us in the comments.

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