Thursday, June 30

Puzzles for Clef: a brotherly bond to discover • Console and Board

“A relaxing adventure game.” This is how Weasel Token and Freedom Games present their project, Puzzles for Clef. It will be during the third quarter of 2022 when it is released on PC, through Steam.


The announcement of Puzzles for Clef is accompanied by a 30-second trailer. Despite its short duration, it allows you to get to know its careful aesthetics up close, with a brief sample of the scenarios through which its protagonist will move.

We will visit a floating magical island, where our character’s family lived a long time ago. The young woman will have to solve non-frustrating puzzles to discover the secrets of the area. With some research, we can get up close and personal with a history of fraternal bonds.

The trip is made by nine different regions, which include a floating castle. Each one will have its own mysteries. They are inhabited by characters, who will not hesitate to ask Clef for help, completing missions. There will be no rush to explore, as this is a non-linear story. Deaths and dangers are not part of it.

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