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PSA: Forget about jailbreaking your PS5

If you’ve gone to the trouble of finding a PS5 restock and then played the best PS5 games, you might be wondering what to do next with Sony’s gaming console. You might even be thinking about jailbreaking it.

Well, keep your horses there, dear reader, as it is by no means easy to do so. In fact, you would be more successful at jailbreaking a PS4 than a PS5. That’s due to the machinations of hackers who have managed to jailbreak the PS4 with a new kernel exploit, as detailed by Wololo (via The edge).

Dubbed “pOOBs4,” the jailbreak could open up the PS4 as a machine that could run home-made software and applications. And according to a person involved in the jailbreak, called Znullptr on Twitter, the kernel exploit also affects the PS5.

Alright, it was just a caturday joke. The exploit is legitimate, and as a bonus: the kernel exploit affects Playstation5 too!December 13, 2021

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However, the jailbreak developer apparently doesn’t have one ready for the PS5. It’s also not scheduled to launch anytime soon, simply because the developer doesn’t have Sony’s latest game console; they are likely having the same trouble locating a stock PS5 as many others.

If you have a PS4 and feel like jailbreaking, you will need to make sure you are running PS4 firmware 9.00 or earlier as consoles with firmware 9.03 will not be vulnerable to explicit. However, we also suggest that you avoid jailbreaking in general.

Should you jailbreak your PS5 or PS4?

(Image credit: Sony)

Short answer: no. While it is not strictly illegal to jailbreak a game console or other device, laws vary from country to country. And using a jailbroken console to download games that may have been hacked, even if they are older, seemingly missing titles, is illegal.

The advantage of the jailbreak is that it opens a game console or a device to run games and applications that it would not normally be able to handle; In the past, we have even seen hacks like Nintendo Switch to run Windows this way.

However, console makers don’t like you doing that, as it means using their devices in a way they weren’t supposed to. And it can also make your console less stable, cause crashes, and even expose you to cybersecurity risks.

With Sony’s PS5 getting the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring early next year, and with the PS4 full of stellar games like God of War and The Last of Us 2, we suggest you keep those consoles firmly jailbroken. .

If you fancy getting involved in homebrew software and some hardware and software tinkering, we suggest you take a look at the Raspberry Pi, as that simple computer can be used to create and run all sorts of things.


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