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Legacy, Peter Molyneux’s NFT game, already generated $ 50 million from the sale of virtual land | Levelup

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A few days ago we told you that Peter Molyneux, creator of Fable and out of various illusions, he announced that his Legacy project would become an NFT project. The change was viewed with skepticism by many players, but not so much by investors, who bought virtual land in the game. Thanks to this, the project has already generated more than $ 50 million.

How it counts Eurogamer, Legacy’s new model has caught the attention of investors and speculators who see it as a good opportunity to make money in the future. Thanks to this, in its first days in presale, Legacy has generated $ 53,000,000 USD.

But what are the people who put money in Legacy? As we told you a few days ago, it is a title where you can buy land to create businesses that will sell the products they invent.

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By now, the most anyone has spent at Legacy is $ 900,000 to become the owner of an area called London. It is worth mentioning that all sales have been made with LegacyCoin, a cryptocurrency that is on the Ethereum blockchain.

what do you think about this news? Did you expect Legacy to turn heads so quickly? Tell us in the comments.

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