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Iron Fist Beats Inhumans As Marvel’s Worst TV Show In New Studio

For years, Inhumans was seen as the worst show in the MCU, but a recent study suggests that Netflix’s Iron Fist has surpassed it in the boring department.

Iron fist is officially Marvel’s worst television show, topping Inhumans, according to a new study. The series originally debuted on Netflix in 2017 and stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand, a billionaire monk presumed dead for 15 years who takes the nickname Iron Fist while trying to save his family’s company from the Meachums. Along with Jones, the Iron fist It also featured Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, and Ramón Rodríguez. The show was criticized by critics when it first launched, with season 1 scoring 20% ​​on Rotten Tomatoes and season 2 at 55%.

For a few months, Iron fist It was considered the worst MCU property, and many wanted to reject it as MCU canon. So, Marvel debuted Inhumans, starring Anson Mount as Black Bolt and Serinda Swan as Medusa and followed a royal family dealing with a coup, on ABC in September 2017. The series is 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics labeling it as boring. and disconnected. On the basis of these reviews and the general repudiation of Inhumans, many considered it the worst show in the MCU, blaming it for possibly ruining the MCU’s chances of continuity for the ABC and Netflix series.

However, a recent study of IMDb reviews by Uswitch found that Iron fist It is, in fact, the most boring MCU show, though not by much. With 32.25% of its negative reviews, it is officially the worst MCU show, topping Inhumans’ 32%, and The Punisher it also entered the list with 20.67%. Iron fist narrowly avoided the title of the most boring TV show overall, yet with Los Inbetweeners USA racking up a huge disapproval rate of 45.83%.

With programs like Reckless, Jessica Jones, Y Luke CageMarvel showed a lot of promise in its television projects, but Iron fist it was a decided weak point. Fans widely criticized the decision to cast a lead actor with no martial arts experience for an action-packed role, routinely using side-by-side comparisons with the aforementioned. Reckless to expose the lack of creativity in the fight choreography. A clear redemptive element, however, was Henwick’s performance as Colleen Wing, a fact Marvel recognized by later offering her a role in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – although he finally rejected it in favor of The Matrix resurrections.

While there’s a lot to love about the Netflix MCU shows, unfortunately, Iron fist Y Inhumans they’re what many come to mind when they think of Marvel’s pre-Disney + series. While the current TV roster is very clearly embedded in the MCU, the past outing largely kept its distance from the movies, leading people to question whether they are still considered canon. However, with Vincent D’Onofrio returning as Wilson Fisk in HawkeyeIt seems that at least some of these Netflix series may get a second chance.

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