Tuesday, January 25

‘Home Crew’, Sean Payton’s Netflix movie, is laughing on Twitter: “This looks awful.”

Yesterday, Netflix released the first trailer for the upcoming sports comedy movie. Local team, starring comedian Kevin James as Sean Payton, the famous coach of the New Orleans Saints. It may be based on a true story, but NFL fans on social media aren’t exactly thrilled.

According to the official Netflix synopsis, Local team It opens when Payton is unexpectedly suspended just two years after a Super Bowl victory. Upon returning home, he reconnects with his 12-year-old son by getting his Pop Warner soccer team in shape. The film’s cast also includes Taylor Lautner, Jackie Sandler, Rob Schneider, and Gary Valentine. And yes, it is loosely inspired by a true story.

Although Local team It apparently follows all the classic beats of a sports comedy to feel good, a lot of people on Twitter weren’t convinced. Some disagreed with the casting of James as Payton and questioned the overall quality of the film as a whole. “If you ever make a biopic about me and cast Kevin James as me, we will immediately be in a feud,” said one user. wrote.

Others questioned Netflix’s decision to release a comedy movie about Payton, who is a controversial figure to say the least. The coach was suspended after officials discovered that Saints players received additional payments for injuring members of opposition teams (also known as “Bountygate“). In 2020, the Associated Press It also reported that Payton was involved in a scandal in which the Saints helped the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans hide the aftermath of a religious sexual abuse crisis.

Another Twitter user mocked the streamer for supporting Local team, writing, “Remember the NFL coach suspended for trying to injure and end the careers of rival players who was also implicated in helping to navigate a religious sec abuse scandal… well, we have a comedy for you! you !!!”

Local team hits Netflix January 28, 2022. Scroll up for the official trailer.


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