Monday, August 8

Here’s why you shouldn’t install the leaked version of Windows 11

As tempting as it may be to install the version of Windows 11 that has been leaked to the internet, it’s probably best to wait for the official reveal scheduled for June 24.

According to those who have taken the time to install the next version of Windows, getting it to work is a cumbersome process, as Microsoft has put systems in place to prevent a proper installation. What this means is that users who take the time to install leaked software on a machine will have to go through hoops just to run a neutralized version of the operating system update. With the release of Windows 11 imminent, it’s probably not worth it.

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The build that is currently floating online is not finished, which also means it could have errors. These errors can lead to system crashes and other problems. This is why many have chosen to run Windows 11 in a virtual machine, essentially a PC within a PC. But running Windows 11 through a virtual machine greatly reduces its efficiency, since software is used to emulate hardware.

At the moment, you cannot download Windows 11 from Microsoft directly. That means having to search for the unofficial ISO online. And of course, whenever there is a huge download frenzy, there are bad actors willing to infect downloads with potentially malicious software. For this reason alone, we definitely do not recommend installing Windows 11, especially not on a main computer or machine connected to your network.

If these warnings don’t deter you, you should at least use a secondary machine for this particular copy of Windows 11. Make sure the test machine is completely erased and does not have any confidential information; you’ll also want to make sure it’s not connected to your network. As noted above, your copy of Windows 11 will likely need to run inside a virtual machine, giving it limited capabilities. Youtube Channel LinusTechTips It went through the Windows 11 installation process and while it’s great, the process is far from ideal.

Of course, the experts in the LinusTechTips office were able to get a near-native version of Windows 11 running using a RAID in conjunction with an Nvidia RTX GPU. Even then, it was a very roundabout way of making things work. And most users likely don’t have the expertise or equipment, given the current RTX 3080 refueling shortage, to make this loophole work.

All that said, host Linus Sebastian reports that Windows 11 is snappy and responsive. There were some weird UI quirks in the next build, like a change to the way right-clicking works, but other than that things seemed to run smoothly. Even the games were fast and responsive. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Red Dead Redemption 2, the Nvidia drivers installed without a hitch.

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